Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet is an economist, specialising mainly in data analysis, who through his education has developed a skilful mind set in conducting studies for different markets. Inderjeet also extensive knowledge on financial analysis which does not exclude the stock market.

Inderjeet has conducted several studies under his degree in one of the top private universities in India, Symbiosis International University. He has vast knowledge in different data analytic skills, given the dynamics of his course. Future more through various internship opportunities he has familiarized himself with different techniques such as conducting economic surveys and computerized accounting.

Professional practice

2018 onwards: Economist and Tax Analyst, Stratton Consulting Limited

Some of the specific assignments that Inderjeet has handled include:

The feasibility studies for a Special Economic Zone projects which entailed conducting a detailed market demand analysis to identify key market gaps that can be met by the Special Economic Zones. He has further carried out financial analysis to predict the financial capacity and explore different opportunities to formulate the most feasible method of financing. Moreover, he identified the different risks the project may be associated with.

He worked on various tax advisory projects in the Firm.

Inderjeet Singh has Bachelors of Science in Economics (Honours)

Name: Inderjeet Singh
Nationality: Kenyan

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +254 708 428 466
Nairobi, Kenya